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Our gentlemen hairdressers specialize in men’s hairstyles. A perfect environment for a bit of me-time, while they perfect your style.
Chaplins’ team consists of passionate barbers, trimming beards and mustaches, cutting hair, creating the most dashing looks.
  • "The Chief"
    Rinni Schrauwen

    The barbers in the shop have great respect for the man who passionately created Chaplins. Since he was 12 years old, Rinni knew what he wanted in life. He could not wait to study the trade of hairdresser.
    In 2013, Rinni’s drive to make the profession of hairdresser more awesome led to the creation of Chaplins, the first real barber shop in Antwerp.

    Rinni is a creative hairdresser who gives both men and women the smartest looks. Do you enjoy a traditional shave? Take a seat in his comfortable fifties chair for a relaxing experience.


    • Creativity
    • Men and women’s hairstyles
    • Traditional shaves

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  • "The Experienced One"
    Ben (1992)

    No more bad hair days after visiting Ben. Thanks to years of experience he instantly finds the natural flow of your hair, which allows him to create the unique effortless style that suits you best.

    Ben’s passion for hairdressing started at the age of 14, and in 2014 he found his ideal work environment at Chaplins.
    He has been working by chief Rinni’s side the longest, and the two of them developed Chaplins’ standard for a well-trimmed beard.




    • Skin fades and taper fades
    • Beard trimming
    • Social skills

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  • "The Silent Creative"
    Chris (1994)

    Chris challenges you to try a more creative hairstyle. He sees possibilities beyond what you consider imaginable with your look. As the silent creative of the Chaplins team, he works efficiently and focused, making him the perfect guy for a relaxing experience.

    Chris’ skills are supported by a broad technical knowledge, which allows him to create the most creative looks, in line with your personality and style.



    • Technical knowledge
    • Creative hairstyles
    • Shaving patterns and designs
    • Long cuts

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